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Be The Adventure 

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A Live Action System

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Enter an ever-growing world that is teeming with a rich history and expansive lore. Within, you will find that the borders of your adventure are as grand as your imagination. Carve out your own legend that others will sing songs about for an age and make your mark on the history of the fantasy world known as Eos.

Where your
journey begins


Enjoy spending time within nature and experiencing the freedom to grow into the hero you have always wanted to become. Every aspect of the fantasy world of Eos is fleshed out as much as possible to bring the setting to life around you and cause you to be totally immersed in the magic of this fantastic realm.






Become a part of a community of people who share your desire for creativity, exploration, and fun. The Warriors of Light team is dedicated to providing a place where role-players, adventurers and fantasy enthusiasts can share in the excitement and grow in their creativity.

A world to explore

If you are lucky, maybe you will find yourself at the Iron Wolf inn and enjoy Yamara's famous shepard's pie, loaded with meat, vegetables, and mashed potatoes, which is served with delicious bread, butter, and maybe a chocolate cake for dessert. Ridge's bar is fully stocked with bottles of Dwarven ale (rootbeer), Elven Wine (energy drink), Brown Stout (coffee) and Seasonal Beer (Apple juice.) Player Characters can work in the tavern to make a decent living washing dishes and serving meals. Some choose to complete one of the many bounties posted by the local guilds to earn good coin. Others work hard gathering resources and crafting potions, armaments, and runes. Or, take a gamble by exploring the wilderness of the region, garnering the chance of striking it rich or meeting a devastating fate.

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