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One flat price for a full weekend event experience, including:

  • Two nights lodging at a rustic cabin

  • Five hearty, home-cooked meals

  • Beverages (coffee, soda, energy drinks, milk, juice, water)

  • Assorted snacks & fruit

  • 48 hours of fantastic entertainment, engagement, and adventure


Full Immersion


Warriors of Light takes pride in the fact that our players and staff commit to having the most immersive fantasy roleplaying experience for an entire 48 hours! Of course, anyone can go “Out-of-Game” for a while if needed, but the world of Eos continues to live on with rich story, awesome encounters, and colorful characters.


While at a Warriors of Light event, players amazingly find themselves immersed in another realm, alongside others who share the same fantastic experiences. Whether it is an ancient dungeon-delve, mining excursion, a chance encounter with goblins, or captivating stories around the campfire, there is something for everyone to enjoy at a Warriors of Light event.




We love role-playing! One of the best parts about Warriors of Light is the intriguing impromptu role play experience. Engaging with the world of Eos through the eyes of a character you create can be inventive, insightful, and fun.


Inventive because your imagination can run wild with the 400+ power options and your character’s background can be as creatively complex as you desire.


Insightful because, believe it or not, you learn a lot about yourself and others when you take on a new perspective though the eyes of your character.


Fun because you will have one of the greatest social experiences of your life. Whether you are the boisterous and engaging Bard or the quiet and shy Warrior, there is a role for everyone to enjoy.  




We love combat! At Warriors of Light you will find fascinating creatures and characters with which you may engage in realistic, yet safe, combat. Warriors of Light is all about the experience and immersion, so we don’t do rock-paper-scissors combat here! We have interesting encounters, prepared by the staff for the enjoyment of the players, where you can fully engage in hand-to-hand and/or ranged combat at your discretion.


WOL is also not a war game. We believe in providing a proper balance between role play and combat, so there is something for everyone to enjoy. The dedicated Tradesman, blood-thirsty Berserker, and resident Tavern Rat can all thrive at a Warriors of Light Event.


Gaining Experience


As your character lives and breathes in the world, you gain experience. It is as simple as that!

Do not worry about grinding modules or crafting countless items during an event as a means of gaining XP. We distribute XP by the number of days you attend. 3 days of XP per weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).


Even if you are unable to attend an event, we allow you to still gain XP by paying for the event as normal, by which you can distribute the XP to your character(s) how you wish. We DO NOT however, allow you to simply purchase XP. This is not a pay-to-win game, but we encourage a living and breathing world. So, if you must grudgingly be absent, your character can still gain experience during an event, but they are considered elsewhere in the world of Eos.


New Players


If you are interested in trying out our LARP, either message us and/or register here on the website, contact us via email at, or message us on Facebook:


What you will need:

  • Costume that fits your character and the fantasy setting. It doesn’t need to be elaborate and you can come across some great finds at your local thrift store to get started.

  • Sleeping bag/blankets & Pillow

  • Extra socks and clothing

  • Flashlight (in case of emergency)

  • Any toiletries you feel may be necessary during a rustic stay in the park.


Building a Character


Our rulebook goes into great depth on how to build a character and select your powers. But simply put, we have 5 Class Domains (Mage, Spirit, Specialist, Tradesmen, and Warrior) each with 3 specialized Classes in each Domain. And we have 4 Races from which you may choose (Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Gnome) each with 3 specific Ethnicities. To start, you will select a Primary class within a Domain and an Ethnicity within a Race. From there, you can start to develop a distinguished and individualized character with multiple power options, features, knowledges, and professions.


As a new player, if you need assistance with interpreting any of the rules or how to get started please send us a message, and one of our staff members will be glad to work with you on building a satisfying character for your roleplay experience.  

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