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Warriors of Light is a mid-Michigan based LARP community. We are currently running 4 events per year at one of the following two locations: Ortonville Recreation Park located in Ortonville, MI and Bald Mountain Recreation Park located in Lake Orion, MI.


We rent a cabin at each venue for our players to stay overnight if they choose, and it is included in the event cost. Players attend from all over Michigan and the cabin provides an adequate lodging experience for those traveling long distances or out-of-state.

Upcoming Events

September 2019 Event  - September 13 - 15

Location - Bald Mountain Recreation Park

October 2019 Event  - October 25 - 27

Location - Bald Mountain Recreation Park


Currently, we can host a maximum of 25 players per event. If you would like to attend one of our events, please purchase your ticket as soon as possible to secure your spot. 

If you have been to one of our events previously, we would like to invite you to join us as staff if you are so inclined. If you are interested in joining us for an event as a staff member, please fill out the following form:



Recreation Park

Bald Mountain Recreation Park


Contact Us

Contact Us

The Warriors of Light LARP is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality and most immersive experience possible in a setting that is ripe for adventure. If you want to join in on the journey please contact us now.

Also, we are always looking to make our game--your LARP experience-- better. To do that, we need your help! We are looking for feedback on rules, game play, things you want to see (or don't), and just about anything else LARP related you want to add. It is completely ANONYMOUS! Just click the button below to fill it out!

Thanks! Message sent.

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