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a live action system


What Is                       ?

Live Action Role Play games are deep and immersive gatherings to experience with friends. They can potentially bring inspiring creativity, dynamic storytelling, and exciting drama to life.


When we started our Table Top hobby over 17 Years ago, there were no readily available complete systems to make the transition from tabletop into a living, breathing fantasy realm.  There were plenty of live action games that you could attend. Some large and some small, some with thriving communities, and others with long histories. However, no system existed for people who simply desired to play with their close friends or start their own group.  But now, after 5 years of play testing across two different groups with varying leadership and play styles, we are edging ever closer to a product we want the Larping community as a whole to experience.


A Complete System  

Our goal with Fathom Forge is to include a complete set of books and manuals to get any group up and running as soon as possible. This includes a Core Rulebook, In-depth GM Manual, a vast Beastiary, Economy & Object Compendiums, satisfying Lore Guides, and complete Campaign paths. 


Easy & Customizable 

The rules for the Fathom Forge System were designed with simplicity in mind, while still maintaining a deep amount of character customization and flexibility. The rules currently support role play in a fantasy-based setting where swords and magic reign supreme. However, the rules can be re-skinned to accommodate many other settings. We believe that the core rules can be easily adapted to fit your creative needs. Utilize what you want and modify as needed to bring your live action world to life.  

Product Development

We are currently developing Fathom Forge - Rules Lite, a free version of our current rules set. The Rules Lite will consist of everything needed to create a character and begin playing with your friends! Please sign up for our newsletter to receive updates as development occurs. 

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About Us

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